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February 7, 2016
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Vol. 2, No. 22, 8 November 2002
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AIDScience Perspective:
Protective immunity in HIV-1-exposed, persistently seronegative (HEPS) subjects
Studies on HEPS individuals have suggested that mucosal immunity in HIV infection is an important factor to be considered when designing a prophylactic vaccine.
Q & A mini review by Claudia Devito.
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Hot News:
HIV vaccine trials in gear. Clinical tests began this week of a novel vaccine directed at the three most globally important HIV subtypes, or clades. Developed by scientists at the NIH, the vaccine incorporates HIV genetic material from clades A, B and C, which cause about 90 percent of all HIV infections around the world.
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Will the first-ever AIDS vaccine actually work? Results from the trial, which started in June 1998, will be unveiled and analyzed early next year.
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A powder injection HIV DNA vaccine developed by PowderJect Pharmaceuticals in partnership with GlaxoSmithKline will move into clinical trials.
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HIV infections in sub-Saharan Africa not explained by sexual or vertical transmission. Studies show 20-40% of HIV infections in African adults are associated with injections or other unsafe medical care challenging the conventional hypothesis that sexual transmission is responsible for more than 90% of adult HIV infections in Africa.
International Journal of STD & AIDS 13(10), 657, October 2002 [Read abstract]
Primary and secondary syphilis up in the U.S. — Presage of a rise in HIV infections? Syphilis cases increased in the United States last year for the first time in more than ten years, fueling fears among some investigators that the rise in the sexually transmitted disease may predict a surge in HIV infections.
Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report 51(43), 971, 1 November 2002 [Read article]
See related commentary: [Read article]
NeuroAIDS: HIV dementia patients exhibit reduced viral neutralization and increased envelope sequence diversity. Can a poor humoral immune response result in HIV-associated dementia?
AIDS 16(14), 1905, 27 September 2002 [Read abstract] See related Medscape commentary: [Read article] (Free registration required)
Latest News Headlines: [What is this?]
'Condom fatigue' on increase. Washington Times. November 8, 2002
German condom maker makes big gains. Newsday. November 8, 2002
FDA approves rapid version of AIDS test. Washington Post. November 8, 2002
India could soon have the highest number of people with HIV/AIDS. Yahoo! News. November 7, 2002
Campaign targets HIV awareness. November 7, 2002
Medical needles spreading HIV. BBC News. November 6, 2002
AIDS deepens in Zimbabwe. Financial Times. November 6, 2002
China says needs international help to fight AIDS. Yahoo! News. November 5, 2002
amfAR hosts regional HIV/AIDS conference in Arizona. amfAR release. November 5, 2002
Research uses cold virus to stir up disease defense. Boston Globe. November 5, 2002
Battle with malaria losing ground as AIDS drains funding. Financial Times. November 5, 2002
New figures show AIDS fight under-resourced. UNAIDS/WHO release. November 4, 2002
Conferees resolve to find new ways to fight AIDS. November 4, 2002
China's AIDS prevention work lagging: health minister. Yahoo! News. November 4, 2002
AIDS agency that hired porn star loses aid. St. Louis Post-Dispatch. November 4, 2002
Central Floridians help in quest for HIV vaccine. Orlando Sentinel. November 4, 2002
Mandela fund joins Diana charity to fight AIDS. Yahoo! News. November 3, 2002
Gilead posts profit on sales of HIV medicine. Los Angeles Times. November 1, 2002
HIV link not clear in 'Black Death'. Washington Times. November 1, 2002
Syphilis increase may presage rise in cases of AIDS. Boston Globe. November 1, 2002
Aethlon: Device shows promise in ridding HIV-infected blood of toxins. Yahoo! News. November 1, 2002
Can Laos keep AIDS at bay?. BBC News. October 31, 2002
EU Commission proposes plan to facilitate sale of cheaper drugs to poor nations. San Francisco Chronicle. October 31, 2002
WHO ranks top health hazards. New York Times. October 31, 2002
Aiding what? (editorial). Washington Times. October 31, 2002
HIV treatment guidelines published. Providence Journal. October 31, 2002
Potent antioxidant may prevent damage to cells. Los Angeles Times. October 30, 2002
Campaign targets HIV awareness. October 30, 2002
AIDS vaccine tested in Boston. Yahoo! News. October 30, 2002
UNICEF to spend $9 million to fight AIDS in Zambia. Yahoo! News. October 30, 2002
Substance in saliva protects babies from mom's HIV. Yahoo! News. October 30, 2002
South African companies count the cost of AIDS. Financial Times. October 30, 2002
Flexible but comprehensive: Developing country HIV prevention efforts show promise. The Guttmacher Report. October 30, 2002
Need for AIDS vaccine more urgent than ever. Yahoo! News. October 29, 2002
FHI receives grant to evaluate once-daily antiretroviral as a potential method of HIV prevention. Gates Foundation release. October 29, 2002
Europeans investigate resale of AIDS drugs. New York Times. October 29, 2002
AIDS and hunger force Zambian children into labor. Yahoo! News. October 29, 2002
AIDS program hopes to protect black, Hispanic seniors in South Florida. October 28, 2002
Blood purifying techniques researched. Boston Globe. October 28, 2002
Molecular evidence of HIV-1 transmission in a criminal case. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. October 28, 2002
Are HIV therapies ignoring mental health?. Yahoo! News. October 27, 2002
A new class of drug thwarts AIDS virus. October 27, 2002
Depression stalks HIV patients. Yahoo! News. October 27, 2002
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Latest Journal Headlines: [What is this?]
Two- to sixfold decreased odds of HIV risk behavior associated with use of SEPs. Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes. (Posted: November 7, 2002)
HIV infections in sub-Saharan Africa not explained by sexual or vertical transmission. International Journal of STD & AIDS. (Posted: November 6, 2002)
The functional CD8 T cell response to HIV becomes type-specific in progressive disease. Journal of Clinical Investigation. (Posted: November 6, 2002)
Precision and accuracy of a procedure for detecting recent HIV infections. Journal of Clinical Microbiology. (Posted: November 1, 2002)
Live, attenuated SIVmac-M4 provides partial protection from mucosal challenge. Journal of Virology. (Posted: October 31, 2002)
NeuroAIDS: HIV dementia patients exhibit reduced viral neutralization and increased envelope sequence diversity. AIDS. (Posted: October 31, 2002)
Association of Gag-specific T lymphocyte responses and lower virus load set point. The Journal of Infectious Diseases. (Posted: October 31, 2002)
HLA typing in a Kenyan cohort identifies novel class I alleles that restrict CTL responses. AIDS. (Posted: October 31, 2002)
Selected major risk factors and global and regional burden of disease. Lancet. (Posted: October 31, 2002)
Comparative study of immune responses induced after immunization with plasmids encoding Nef protein. Vaccine. (Posted: October 31, 2002)
Synergistic adjuvant activity of immunostimulatory DNA and oil/water emulsions. Vaccine. (Posted: October 31, 2002)
Development of HIV-1 Nef vaccine components. Vaccine. (Posted: October 31, 2002)
Rectal applications of nonoxynol-9 cause tissue disruption in a monkey model. Sexually Transmitted Diseases. (Posted: October 31, 2002)
Entry of inflammatory cells into the mouse vagina following application of candidate microbicides. Sexually Transmitted Diseases. (Posted: October 31, 2002)
Inactivation of HIV in blood. Transfusion. (Posted: October 31, 2002)
NeuroAIDS: Expression of EAAT-2 and GS in brain macrophages and microglia of SIVmac251-infected macaques. Neuropathology and Applied Neurobiology. (Posted: October 31, 2002)
Effects of different HIV strains on thymic epithelial cultures. Pathobiology. (Posted: October 31, 2002)
Tat HIV-1 primary and tertiary structures critical to immune response. Journal of Biological Chemistry. (Posted: October 31, 2002)
Immune-mediated positive selection drives HIV-1 molecular variation and predicts disease duration. Journal of Virology. (Posted: October 31, 2002)
Mandelic acid condensation polymer: Novel candidate microbicide for prevention of HIV. Journal of Virology. (Posted: October 31, 2002)
Stable expression of primary HIV-1 structural gene products by a noncytopathic Sindbis virus vector. Journal of Virology. (Posted: October 31, 2002)
Elicitation of SIV-specific CTLs in mucosal compartments of rhesus monkeys by systemic vaccination. Journal of Virology. (Posted: October 31, 2002)
Escape in one of two CTL epitopes bound by a high-frequency MHC class I molecule, Mamu-A*02. Journal of Virology. (Posted: October 31, 2002)
Both mucosal and systemic routes of immunization result in mucosal Gag T-cell responses. Journal of Virology. (Posted: October 31, 2002)
Novel transgenic mouse/SCID-hu mouse to characterize in vivo behavior of reservoirs of HIV-1. The Journal of Infectious Diseases. (Posted: October 30, 2002)
Salivary SLPI is associated with reduced transmission of HIV-1 through breast milk. The Journal of Infectious Diseases. (Posted: October 30, 2002)
Comprehensive health care for people infected with HIV in developing countries. British Medical Journal. (Posted: October 30, 2002)
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