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February 13, 2016
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Vol. 2, No. 8, 26 April 2002
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Newly licensed feline immunodeficiency virus vaccine provides sterilizing immunity in vaccinated cats: What can be learned?
Development of the dual-subtype feline immunodeficiency virus vaccine
By Janet K. Yamamoto, Barbara A. Torres and Ruiyu Pu
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Hot News:
HIV preferentially infects HIV-specific CD4+ T cells. HIV-specific memory CD4+ T cells in infected individuals contain more HIV viral DNA than other memory CD4+ T cells, at all stages of infection. Data also suggests that structured therapy interruption may come at a price.
Nature 417, 95 (2002)
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AIDS Vaccines for the World. First-ever full-day satellite meeting to focus exclusively on AIDS vaccines around an International AIDS Conference. Sessions will address: (1) fundamentals of AIDS vaccine development and delivery; (2) state-of-the-art updates on products in development; (3) human vaccine trials preparedness and community involvement; (4) issues regarding access to and delivery of future vaccines. Organized by IAVI.
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Satellite broadcast: The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is airing a live satellite broadcast on May 23rd featuring four behavioral interventions for HIV/STD prevention.
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Identifying undiagnosed HIV — The yield of routine, voluntary inpatient testing. A study shows that in a single urban hospital, offering voluntary, routine inpatient HIV counseling and testing can be successful as a screening program to help detect undiagnosed HIV.
Archives of Internal Medicine 162, 887 (2002). [Go to free full text paper]
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AIDS realism in Africa (editorial). Boston Globe. April 26, 2002
India considers tourist AIDS screening. BBC News. April 26, 2002
Mbeki signals AIDS policy shift. BBC News. April 26, 2002
World health fund designates $1.6b. Boston Globe. April 26, 2002
AIDS rider sues fund-raising firm. San Francisco Chronicle. April 26, 2002
Report: AIDS-related cancer triggered by cut. Yahoo! News. April 26, 2002
FDA OKs Visible Genetics HIV resistance interpretation software. Yahoo! News. April 26, 2002
New cases of HIV on Long Island alarming. Newsday. April 26, 2002
Portugal: highest rate of H.I.V. infection in the European Union. New York Times. April 26, 2002
Angola hopes to offer retrovirals for AIDS. Washington Times. April 26, 2002
Briton to head global fund on diseases. Boston Globe. April 25, 2002
Anglogold says it will fight AIDS in South Africa. Yahoo! News. April 25, 2002
Voluntary inpatient HIV tests may find more cases. Yahoo! News. April 25, 2002
ViroLogic in expanded drug pact with GlaxoSmithKline. Yahoo! News. April 25, 2002
Research misconduct results in reprimand. San Francisco Chronicle. April 25, 2002
Kenyan woman causes AIDS panic. BBC News. April 24, 2002
Correction on nevirapine. New York Times. April 24, 2002
U.S. is sending $300 million immediately to Global Fund to Fight AIDS. Yahoo! News. April 24, 2002
VaxGen's AIDS vaccine candidates clear 7th safety review. VaxGen release. April 24, 2002
No glove no love campaign launched. April 24, 2002
Needle exchange won't help addicts (opinion). Philadelphia Inquirer. April 24, 2002
WHO issues guidelines on AIDS care. Boston Globe. April 23, 2002
Meeting to divvy global AIDS funds. Newsday. April 23, 2002
Inmate AIDS test bill designed to educate. Miami Herald. April 23, 2002
Making progress toward 'personalized' drugs. Boston Globe. April 22, 2002
We can beat AIDS, TB and malaria, UN agencies say. UNAIDS, UNICEF, WHO release. April 22, 2002
Lack of AIDS fund cash hits poor nations' bids. Financial Times. April 22, 2002
Mortality risk seen best basis for funding. Washington Times. April 22, 2002
Mbeki distances himself from AIDS dissidents. Yahoo! News. April 21, 2002
U.S. to help Caribbean fight AIDS. Yahoo! News. April 21, 2002
South Africa to make AIDS drugs available to more pregnant women. New York Times. April 20, 2002
AIDS will cut life expectancy to 38 in South Africa. The Times (London). April 20, 2002
AIDS drug fares well in big trial. New York Times. April 19, 2002
AIDS activists optimistic about change in AIDS policy. San Francisco Chronicle. April 19, 2002
Biotech company's stock soars on AIDS drug test results. San Francisco Chronicle. April 19, 2002
Iran: AIDS education program omits gays. Yahoo! News. April 19, 2002
'No glove, no love' campaign to fight Africa AIDS. Yahoo! News. April 19, 2002
Report: HIV to hit 30% of South Africa workers by 2005. Yahoo! News. April 19, 2002
AIDS expected to kill up to 65,000 Mozambicans this year. Yahoo! News. April 19, 2002
Nebraska sees increase in new cases of HIV. Journal Star. April 19, 2002
Scientists race to find elusive AIDS inhibitor. Wall Street Journal. April 19, 2002
South African government approves AIDS drugs for sexual assault victims. San Francisco Chronicle. April 18, 2002
Romania's AIDS-Stricken Children Live in Shadow of Death. Yahoo! News. April 18, 2002
Europe TB, HIV crisis looms, Red Cross chief warns. Yahoo! News. April 18, 2002
UNAIDS welcomes South African government's renewed commitment to HIV/AIDS. UNAIDS Release. April 18, 2002
Mining firm reveals cost of HIV. BBC News. April 17, 2002
Study: Measles suppresses AIDS virus. Yahoo! News. April 17, 2002
Chinese use common sense to beat a more common problem. Sydney Morning Herald. April 17, 2002
Minnesota HIV infection rates jump. Star Tribune. April 17, 2002
Without fear factor, AIDS won't stop. San Francisco Examiner. April 17, 2002
HIV in the CNS: still a cause for concern?. Society for General Microbiology Meeting. April 17, 2002
Doctors 'silence' rogue genes. The Times (London). April 16, 2002
Iran to start teaching AIDS awareness. Boston Globe. April 16, 2002
Kenyan HIV/AIDS patients face periodic shortages of drugs, hampering treatment. Yahoo! News. April 16, 2002
Gay leaders draw flak amid surge in syphilis. Los Angeles Times. April 15, 2002
Smuggling HIV drugs into Africa. San Francisco Chronicle. April 15, 2002
The raw truth. HIV Plus magazine. April 15, 2002
China's HIV estimates are underestimates. Yahoo! News. April 13, 2002
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Latest Journal Headlines: [What is this?]
NeuroAIDS: Connections between HIV-1-associated dementia, neuropathology and neuroimmunology. Microbes and Infection. (Posted: April 25, 2002)
Condom use and sexual behaviors among individuals procuring free male condoms in South Africa. Sexually Transmitted Diseases. (Posted: April 25, 2002)
Stimulation of local antibody production: parenteral or mucosal vaccination?. Trends in Immunology. (Posted: April 25, 2002)
A cationic sub-micron emulsion (MF59/DOTAP) is an effective delivery system for DNA vaccines. Journal of Controlled Release. (Posted: April 25, 2002)
NeuroAIDS: Clinical aspects of the AIDS dementia complex. European Neurology. (Posted: April 25, 2002)
MDMA ('ecstasy') use and its association with high risk behaviors. Drug and Alcohol Dependence. (Posted: April 25, 2002)
Attitudes towards HAART are associated with sexual risk taking. AIDS. (Posted: April 25, 2002)
Virologic risk factors for vertical transmission of HIV type 1 in Puerto Rico. AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses. (Posted: April 25, 2002)
Vitamin A supplementation and HIV-1 shedding in women. Journal of Infectious Diseases. (Posted: April 24, 2002)
Older children and adolescents surviving with vertically acquired HIV infection. Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes. (Posted: April 24, 2002)
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