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February 12, 2016
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Vol. 1, No. 14, 8 November 2001
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AIDScience Perspective:
AIDS vaccines and HIV transmission via breastfeeding. Is there a role for vaccines in protecting infants against HIV in breast milk?
By Emily Bass
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Virologic and immunologic determinants of heterosexual transmission of HIV-1 in Africa. Something about the biology of HIV-positive women makes them much more contagious than the level of virus in their blood would indicate. The results of this study suggest gender-specific differences in the biology of heterosexual transmission.
AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses 17(10):901-910

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Effects of CCR5-delta32, CCR2-64I, and SDF-1 3'A alleles on HIV-1 disease progression. In this latest study on gene variations affecting HIV disease progression, it was found that two of the alleles—CCR5-delta32 and CCR2-64I—appear to significantly slow HIV patients' progression to AIDS.
Annals of Internal Medicine 135(9):782-795

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Protection of rhesus macaques against disease progression from pathogenic SHIV-89.6PD by vaccination with phage-displayed HIV-1 epitopes. New vaccine approach may help overcome the antigenic polymorphism of HIV-1.
Nature Medicine 7:1225-1231

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Determinants of HIV-1 shedding in the genital tract of women. Results from this study indicate that HIV-1 shedding in infected women (and therefore transmission risk to a sexual partner) is possible even when blood levels of HIV are low.
Lancet 358(9293):1593-1601, November 10, 2001

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Guidelines for laboratory test result reporting of HIV-1 viral load determination. Recommendations from a CDC Working Group.
MMWR 50(RR20):1-12, November 16, 2001

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Revised guidelines for HIV counseling, testing, and referral. Technical expert panel review of Centers for Disease Control (CDC) HIV counseling, testing, and referral guidelines (replace CDC's 1994 guidelines).
MMWR 50(RR19):1-58, November 9, 2001

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From Medscape: HIV/AIDS annual update 2001. Now complete—a collection of 11 clinical reviews, authored by leading authorities.
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Bristol-Myers to launch new drugs by '05. Yahoo! News. 11/8/2001
Myriad Genetics 1st-quarter loss narrows sharply. Yahoo! News. 11/8/2001
The female can be deadlier than the male. Yahoo! News. 11/8/2001
CDC's AIDS campaign draws ire of lawmakers. Washington Times. 11/8/2001
State to collect data on adults with HIV. Hartford Courant. 11/7/2001
Cheap, high quality condoms needed in Southeast Asia. Yahoo! News. 11/7/2001
Southeast Asia agrees to step up AIDS battle. Yahoo! News. 11/7/2001
Kaiser Foundation releases national AIDS survey detailing minority response to epidemic. Kaiser Daily HIV/AIDS Report. 11/7/2001
VaxGen to present progress updates in New York and West Palm Beach. VaxGen Press Release. 11/6/2001
Study: Gene variants slow progression to AIDS. Yahoo! News. 11/6/2001
Hospitals slow to use new needles. Measure to protect workers often ignored. San Francisco Chronicle. 11/6/2001
2001 World Health Award presented to Gallo. Institute for Human Virology Press Release. 11/6/2001
HIV bites back at key drug. BBC News. 11/6/2001
More than 41,000 people infected with HIV in Vietnam. San Francisco Chronicle. 11/5/2001
HIV rsearcher says vaccine not impossible. Yahoo! News. 11/3/2001
HIV rise in Russia may lead to TB epidemic. Yahoo! News. 11/3/2001
An altered AIDS debate. Washington Post. 11/2/2001
Congo's leader fears his nation's crisis has lost U.N. priority. New York Times. 11/2/2001
HIV protein helps virus break into cells. Yahoo! News. 11/2/2001
Some gay men think HIV drugs prevent virus spread. Yahoo! News. 11/2/2001
Method for developing AIDS vaccine shows promise. Yahoo! News. 11/2/2001
San Francisco wants poppers regulated. Planet Out. 11/2/2001
Study confirms fear of HIV is flagging. Planet Out. 11/2/2001
Harmless herpes virus may block HIV. Yahoo! News. 11/1/2001
HIV drug combats resistance. BBC News. 11/1/2001
South Africa AIDS activists welcome increased spending. Yahoo! News. 11/1/2001
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Latest Journal Headlines: [What is this?]
Designing a vaccine for HIVís changing face. Nature Medicine. 11/8/2001
New HIV-1 wild-type may be drug resistant. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 11/7/2001
Resistance mutations in women and infants receiving nevirapine. AIDS. 11/7/2001
Diazepam inhibits HIV-1 Tat-induced migration of human microglia. Journal of Neurovirology. 11/7/2001
Developing a scale for measuring the barriers to condom use in Nigeria. Bull. World Health Organ.. 11/7/2001
Protective effect of glutathione in HIV-1 lytic peptide 1-induced cell death in human neuronal cells. Journal of Neurovirology. 11/7/2001
14-3-3 proteins as markers of neuronal destruction. Clinica Chimica Acta. 11/7/2001
Diverse BF recombinants have spread widely since the introduction of HIV-1 into South America. AIDS. 11/7/2001
Cost-effectiveness of HIV screening of patients with sexually transmitted diseases in Amsterdam. AIDS. 11/7/2001
Gene variants slow progression to AIDS. Annals of Internal Medicine. 11/6/2001
Variability of viral load in plasma of rhesus monkeys. Journal of Virology. 11/1/2001
Risks faced by laboratory workers in the AIDS era. J. Biol. Regul. Homeost. Agents. 11/1/2001
Contribution of immune activation to the pathogenesis and transmission of HIV 1 infection. Clin. Microbiol. Rev.. 11/1/2001
Recent developments in adjuvants for vaccines against infectious diseases. Biomolecular Engineering. 11/1/2001
Effector CTL numbers induced by vaccination should exceed levels in chronic infection. Vaccine. 11/1/2001
Dendritic cell vaccination induces cross-reactive CTLs. Clinical Immunology. 11/1/2001
Antigenic properties of the human immunodeficiency virus envelope during cell-cell fusion. Journal of Virology. 11/1/2001
Antiretroviral resistance mutations among pregnant HIV 1-infected women. Journal of Infectious Diseases. 11/1/2001
Verbal working memory storage and processing deficits in HIV-1 infection. Psychological Medicine. 11/1/2001
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