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February 11, 2016
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Vol. 1, No. 12, 23 October 2001
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AIDScience Report:
Anti-HIV-1 microbicide potential of the tight-binding nonnucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor UC781
By Gadi Borkow and Michael A. Parniak

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Hot News:
Retaining high-risk women volunteers in HIV vaccine and prevention trials. Results with Project ACHIEVE suggest that these populations should not be excluded from trials.
American Journal of Public Health 91(9):1377-1379, September 2001

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Sexual transmission during the incubation period of primary HIV infection. The window of sexual infectiousness in primary HIV infection can begin as early as 7 days before the onset of the acute retroviral syndrome, which may foster rapid epidemic spread in sexual networks.
Journal of the American Medical Association 286:1713, October 10, 2001

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Long-term effects of a middle school- and high school-based human immunodeficiency virus sexual risk prevention intervention. Study shows the most appropriate time for HIV and sexuality intervention implementation is earlier in adolescence, before the onset of risky behaviors.
Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine 155:1117-1126, October, 2001

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NeuroAIDS Web site moves to our servers
The electronic journal NeuroAIDS will be joining AIDScience as a distinct publication dedicated to the topic of neurological manifestations of HIV infection.

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Latest News Headlines: [What is this?]
HIV vaccine trials 'in three years'. BBC News. 10/23/2001
South Africa lashes out at firms on AIDS drugs. Yahoo! News. 10/23/2001
Doctors accused of infecting 100,000 children with HIV/AIDS face lawsuit. 10/23/2001
Study shows gay men in S.F. less afraid of HIV—Attitude may be leading to more infections. San Francisco Chronicle. 10/22/2001
HIV testing of state prisoners not mandatory. Indianapolis Star. 10/22/2001
Adverse effects from HIV drugs found to be common. Yahoo! News. 10/21/2001
New campaign targets widely held beliefs about masculinity. 10/21/2001
Cases of HIV among inmates are leveling off. Indianapolis Star. 10/21/2001
The AIDS epidemic through the filmmaker's lens. New York Times. 10/19/2001
Europe panel advises approval of Gilead HIV drug. Yahoo! News. 10/19/2001
Study: HIV highly contagious before symptoms show. Yahoo! News. 10/19/2001
Study: More San Francisco IV drug users contracting HIV. Yahoo! News. 10/19/2001
VaxGen obtains land in South Korea for manufacturing facility. VaxGen Press Release. 10/19/2001
Patents not sole cause of Africa's HIV-drug dearth. Yahoo! News. 10/18/2001
Academic says Stats South Africa lacks the expertise to tackle MRC report on AIDS. 10/18/2001
Brazil-Free distribution of needles reduces spread of AIDS in Brazil. EFE News. 10/18/2001
Sex-ed should target elementary school kids: Study. Yahoo! News. 10/17/2001
Pfizer profits rise on key drug sales. Yahoo! News. 10/17/2001
Study says AIDS is now chief cause of death in South Africa. New York Times. 10/17/2001
China mulls first public appearance of HIV patient. Yahoo! News. 10/16/2001
HIV/Aids vaccine may be tried soon in Lagos. 10/16/2001
Experts fear a risky recipe: Viagra, drugs and HIV. New York Times. 10/16/2001
Key South Africa MRC report on adult AIDS deaths out today. 10/16/2001
Colombian rebels forcing AIDS tests on residents of guerrilla safe haven. San Francisco Chronicle. 10/15/2001
Report urges business to address AIDS in Africa. Yahoo! News. 10/13/2001
Austrian researchers test flu vaccine against HIV. Yahoo! News. 10/13/2001
China newspaper reports on HIV incident. Yahoo! News. 10/12/2001
U.K. offers $200 million on AIDS. 10/12/2001
Grassroots dance, drama may slow Africa HIV spread. Yahoo! News. 10/11/2001
Mozambique gets $12 million for AIDS. 10/11/2001
UNAIDS' World AIDS Campaign 2001 launched. UNAIDS. 10/11/2001
How some live with AIDS with little or no therapy. New York Times. 10/11/2001
Asia-Pacific ministers vow war on AIDS. Yahoo! News. 10/11/2001
Australia pledges $50 million to fight HIV. Sydney Morning Herald. 10/11/2001
Asia-Pacific governments commit themselves to fight AIDS. San Francisco Chronicle. 10/10/2001
Cambridge Antibody Technology in HIV research deal with Merck. Yahoo! News. 10/10/2001
Exercise positive for those with HIV. Yahoo! News. 10/9/2001
Cultural taboos increase women's HIV risk. BBC News. 10/9/2001
World AIDS Campaign targets masculine stereotypes. Yahoo! News. 10/9/2001
An innovative NIH center will speed new vaccines to the public. Its opening target: HIV. Washington Post. 10/9/2001
AIDS Kills Three Times More Than Malaria - Report. 10/8/2001
GlaxoSmithKline licenses AIDS medicine to South African generic drug maker. San Francisco Chronicle. 10/8/2001
Census Avoids Issue of HIV/AIDS (South Africa). 10/8/2001
AIDS vaccine available within 10 years, U.S health expert says. San Francisco Chronicle. 10/7/2001
Roche chief: Price no longer a barrier to treatment for AIDS patients in poor countries. San Francisco Chronicle. 10/7/2001
AIDS conference rings alarm for Asia, Pacific. Washington Times. 10/6/2001
Report warns AIDS could become epidemic in Asia. Washington Post. 10/5/2001
Protein discovered as key to HIV infection. Yahoo! News. 10/5/2001
Food-based vaccines will be safer, cheaper. Yahoo! News. 10/5/2001
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Latest Journal Headlines: [What is this?]
gp120 in neurodegenerative studies in vivo. Journal of Neurochemistry. 10/22/2001
A global review of legislation on HIV/AIDS: the issue of HIV testing. Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes. 10/22/2001
HIV type 1-infected patient with extremely rapid disease progression. AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses. 10/22/2001
'Behind walls': a study of HIV risk behaviours and seroprevalence in prisons in Zambia. AIDS. 10/22/2001
Long-term treatment with recombinant nerve growth factor for HIV-associated sensory neuropathy. Neurology. 10/22/2001
Determinant of Cytopathicity in HIV-1 Non-B Subtypes. Journal of Virology. 10/22/2001
Macrophage neurotropism independent of coreceptor specificity. Journal of Virology. 10/22/2001
HIV/AIDS in China. Journal of the American Medical Association. 10/22/2001
Predictors of HIV-1 serostatus disclosure in HIV-infected pregnant women. AIDS. 10/22/2001
Detection of HIV-1 gene sequences in hippocampal neurons isolated by laser capture microdissection. J. Neuropathol. Exp. Neurol.. 10/22/2001
HIV vaccine efforts inch forward. Journal of the American Medical Association. 10/22/2001
HIV Incidence Among MSM IDUs may be rising. Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes. 10/18/2001
Sexual transmission during the incubation period of primary HIV infection. Journal of the American Medical Association. 10/11/2001
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