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February 5, 2016
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Vol. 1, No. 1, 15 June 2001
Other Issues:
AIDScience Perspective:
The AIDS crisis in the United States is not over
Monica S. Ruiz
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Hot News:
Resurgent HIV epidemic among young gay men in the United States. A new report suggests HIV infections may be on the rise in young men who have sex with men. Of particular concern are data for young black men, who show HIV prevalence twice that of young gay men overall. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, June 1, 2001.

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The 20th year of AIDS: A time to re-energize prevention. The new spotlight on the the CDCís National Prevention Information Network Internet site highlights 20 Years of AIDS. It features information about the 20th anniversary of the AIDS epidemic.
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Latest News Headlines: [What is this?]
U.S. Crackdown on Net Health Fraud. New York Times. 6/15/2001
Zimbabwe's Government Disputes Life Expectancy Figures. 6/15/2001
EU, US Back Global AIDS Fund Project. Agence France Presse. 6/15/2001
HIV Attack Launches Cell Seige and Suicide. Yahoo! News. 6/14/2001
Museveni Got It Right on HIV, AIDS Money. 6/14/2001
Cheaper Drugs for Kenya. Washington Post. 6/13/2001
Europe's East Sees AIDS on the March. New York Times. 6/13/2001
Museveni Launches $11m AIDS Project. 6/13/2001
Pfizer: Poor Need Access to Drugs. Yahoo! News. 6/12/2001
Seeking a Remedy for AIDS in Africa. Continent's Woes Limit Reach of Cheaper Drugs. Washington Post. 6/12/2001
AIDS Takes Toll On Mining Group. 6/12/2001
Glaxo Offers AIDS Drugs to More Countries. Yahoo! News. 6/11/2001
Swiss Firm Gives U.N. $1 Million to Fight AIDS. Washington Post. 6/10/2001
Hope for AIDS Vaccine Fuels a Stock's Ascent. New York Times. 6/10/2001
CDC expands global AIDS program to the Caribbean and Latin America. CDC Press Office. 6/8/2001
Drug firms meet African health ministers on AIDS. Yahoo! News. 6/8/2001
First Corporate Pledge Made to Global AIDS Fund. Washington Post. 6/8/2001
Hyde: Boost AIDS funds across Africa. Chicago Tribune. 6/7/2001
UNAIDS Welcomes African Debate on AIDS Epidemic. New York Times. 6/7/2001
EU Grants 33 Million Euros to Fight HIV/AIDS. 6/6/2001
U.S. Pledges Support to AIDS Fight. Yahoo! News. 6/6/2001
'Abstinence Only' Funding May Rise. USA Today. 6/6/2001
Twenty Years On, AIDS Remains Elusive Foe. New York Times. 6/5/2001
Zimbabwe reels from Aids. BBC News. 6/4/2001
South Africa Seeks Cheaper Drugs After Court Win. Yahoo! News. 6/4/2001
AIDS at 20. Newsweek. 6/4/2001
HIV on the rise in young gay men. Washington Post. 6/1/2001
Satellite broadcast: National HIV Testing Day and Prevention for People Living with HIV/AIDS. Centers for Disease Control. 6/1/2001
AIDS Crusader's International Award Wins Scowls in China. New York Times. 5/31/2001
CDC: Young Gay Men Spreading AIDS. Yahoo! News. 5/31/2001
Survey of Gay, Lesbian Students. Yahoo! News. 5/31/2001
Study: HIV Rate High Among Young Black Gays. Yahoo! News. 5/31/2001
VaxGen AIDS Vaccine May Produce Broader Immunity Than Previously Detected. VaxGen, Inc.. 5/30/2001
Study Released on Safe-Sex Programs. New York Times. 5/30/2001
AIDS Ravages Africa Food Output, Demand. Yahoo! News. 5/29/2001
VaxGen Up on New Finding of HIV Vaccine. Yahoo! News. 5/29/2001
Powell: Will Work for AIDS Funds. Yahoo! News. 5/28/2001
VaxGen Raises $20 Million to Prepare AIDS Vaccine for Potential Commercial Introduction. VaxGen, Inc.. 5/24/2001
U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell Begins Africa Tour Dominated by War, AIDS. Yahoo! News. 5/23/2001
Powell's Trip to Focus on AIDS. Yahoo! News. 5/22/2001
UN Delegates Debate AIDS Strategy. Yahoo! News. 5/22/2001
Four African Capitals for Teleconference On AIDS. 5/22/2001
Attendance drops for candlelight vigil, as does HIV concern. Indianapolis Star. 5/21/2001
AIDS crisis, civil war face Powell in Africa . The Washington Times. 5/21/2001
Tough Law to Curb AIDS. 5/21/2001
U.S. AIDS policy draws flak at Yale . Philadelphia Inquirer. 5/21/2001
'Single Issue' AIDS Fund for Poorest Countries not Answer, Says Nielson. Agence France Presse. 5/18/2001
Fourth Annual HIV Vaccine Awareness Day Honors Volunteers, Promotes Research. NIAID. 5/18/2001
IAVI, Global Partners Mark World AIDS Vaccine Day. IAVI. 5/18/2001
Religious Groups Get HHS Grants. Associated Press. 5/17/2001
HIV/Aids Hinders Africa''s Economic Development (Ghana). 5/16/2001
Education Feels the Impact of HIV/AIDS (Zambia). 5/16/2001
HHS Releases First Clinical Guide on Treating Women With HIV. Health Resources and Services Administration. 5/16/2001
2001 International AIDS Candlelight Memorial. International AIDS Candlelight Memorial. 5/16/2001
Doctors losing war on AIDS. Washington Times. 5/14/2001
UN Poll Finds Asian Youth Ignorant About HIV/AIDS. Yahoo! News. 5/14/2001
Africa 'has 12 million Aids orphans'. BBC News. 5/14/2001
AIDS vaccine hopes rise from Africa. Washington Post. 5/11/2001
Bush, Nigerian Leader to Meet on AIDS, Oil. Yahoo! News. 5/11/2001
FAO Says HIV/Aids Devastates Labour Force in Africa. 5/11/2001
Annan in Washington to Seek AIDS Funds. New York Times. 5/10/2001
Advertising: A Campaign for AIDS Drug Adds Warning. New York Times. 5/10/2001
U.S. Plans to Give $200 Million to Global AIDS Fund. Yahoo! News. 5/10/2001
Trimeris to issue $43.4 million in new shares. Yahoo! Finance. 5/9/2001
Abusive Boyfriends Raise STD Risk in Teen Girls. Yahoo! News. 5/9/2001
Researchers Optimisic Over Prospects for HIV Vaccine. 5/9/2001
Free AIDS Care Brings Hope to Botswana. New York Times. 5/8/2001
Arab Feared Secret: AIDS. New York Times. 5/7/2001
Atlanta at heart of AIDS research. Atlanta Journal Constitution. 5/7/2001
HIV Drugs Linked to Oral Warts. Yahoo! News. 5/4/2001
HIV Drug Resistance Found to Be on the Rise in UK. Yahoo! News. 5/4/2001
FDA Faults 'Misleading' Drug-Ad Images. Wall Street Journal. 5/4/2001
World Bank Funds $50 million AIDS Project. 5/3/2001
Brazil's AIDS Chief Denounces Bush Position on Drug Patents. New York Times. 5/3/2001
Toward a Global AIDS Fund (Editorial). New York Times. 5/2/2001
Gilead Files for FDA Approval of AIDS Drug. Wall Street Journal. 5/2/2001
Hepatitis C Poses New Threat to Many with AIDS. New York Times. 5/1/2001
AIDS ĎTrust Fundí Idea Advances. Washington Post. 5/1/2001
IMF Urges Countries Help AIDS Fund. Yahoo! News. 5/1/2001
Burundi to get cheap AIDS drugs from Western firms. Yahoo! News. 5/1/2001
Vertex Buys Biotechnology Rival for $592 Million. New York Times. 5/1/2001
Annan Calls on Foundations to Support Global Fund Against AIDS. United Nations Press Release. 4/30/2001
A Wider War on AIDS in Africa and Asia. New York Times. 4/30/2001
Can AIDS Be Cured? Research Suggests a Disappointing Answer: Probably Not. Wall Street Journal. 4/30/2001
amfAR Study Shows Syringe Prescription May Help Prevent HIV Transmission. Yahoo! Finance. 4/30/2001
US to Support Global Fund to Fight AIDS. Wall Street Journal. 4/30/2001
African AIDS Summit in Nigeria. Associated Press. 4/27/2001
Germany Backs Call for More World AIDS Spending. New York Times. 4/27/2001
New Bill Calls for Debt Reduction From the World Bank, IMF. House of Representatives. 4/26/2001
Annan Proposes Fund to Fight AIDS. New York Times. 4/26/2001
Studies Cast Doubt on Polio Origin. New York Times. 4/26/2001
Glaxo will not cut prices of its AIDS drugs in U.S.. Philadelphia Inquirer. 4/25/2001
UN to Unveil Sweeping Attack on AIDS. Wall Street Journal. 4/25/2001
UNAIDS: HIV/AIDS in Asia Could Outstrip Africa If No Action Taken. Associated Press. 4/24/2001
Generic Medicine for AIDS Raises New Set of Concerns. New York Times. 4/23/2001
Global AIDS Strategy May Prove Elusive; More Funds Available, but Consensus Lacking. Washington Post. 4/23/2001
The Search for an AIDS Vaccine. New York Times. 4/23/2001
World Bank to Give $150 Million against HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean. Associated Press. 4/22/2001
Drug Companies Drop S. Africa Suit. Yahoo! News. 4/19/2001
A crack in the resolve of an industry: South Africa and the drugs companies have changed for ever. Financial Times. 4/19/2001
Experts Call for Global Fund to Combat AIDS and Other Diseases Crippling Africa. Associated Press. 4/18/2001
IAPAC to Launch HIV Training, Certification Program for Developing World Physicians. IAPAC News. 4/18/2001
Drug Makers, Activists Spar Over AIDS Drug Prices. Yahoo! News. 4/17/2001
South Africa set to lock horns with drug industry. Yahoo! Finance. 4/16/2001
Many holes in AIDS plan for Africa. Boston Globe. 4/16/2001
Student Protesters Target Universities Profiting from AIDS Research. Wall Street Journal. 4/12/2001
Police are Set to Handle AIDS Protest. Washington Times. 4/12/2001
VaxGen AIDS Vaccine Trials Clear 5th Safety Review. VaxGen News Release. 4/12/2001
IAPAC to Launch HIV Training, Certification Program for Developing World Physicians. IAPAC News. 4/11/2001
Drug Deflects AIDS Virus in Mice. Progenics Press Release. 4/11/2001
Bush's Budget: The Winners. Washington Post. 4/10/2001
South Africa to Use Blood Substitute to Reduce Risk of HIV Transmission Through Tainted Blood. New York Times. 4/10/2001
Bush to Reorganize White House AIDS Office. Yahoo! News. 4/9/2001
Money Well Spent. San Francisco Chronicle. 4/9/2001
Nujoma Accuses Americans of Creating HIV-AIDS. 4/9/2001
Senate Backs Doubling Global AIDS Funds. Washington Post. 4/6/2001
Annan Gains Pledges from Drug Makers. Wall Street Journal. 4/6/2001
US Biotech Alliances Aim to Produce Future AIDS Vaccine in India. Wall Street Journal. 4/6/2001
Rich countries urged to aid Africans with AIDS. USA TODAY. 4/5/2001
Scientists clash in AIDS report. Philadelphia Inquirer. 4/5/2001
Massive new effort to combat African AIDS is planned. Philadelphia Inquirer. 4/4/2001
Nigerian AIDS patients denounce doctor. BBC News. 4/4/2001
VaxGen to Present Progress Update in Seattle on April 6. VaxGen [VXGN] Press Release. 4/2/2001
Why Merck's Experimental AIDS Vaccine Has Scientists So Excited. Wall Street Journal. 4/2/2001
Drug Makers Blame South Africa. Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 4/2/2001
Low Status Makes African and Asian Women More Vulnerable to AIDS: UN. Agence France Presse. 3/30/2001
World Bank Head Says Committed to Fighting AIDS. Reuters. 3/30/2001
Political Infighting Causes Zimbabwe to Dissolve AIDS Council Board. Lancet. 3/30/2001
Merck Agrees to Slash Prices in Brazil for AIDS Drugs Crixivan and Stocrin. Wall Street Journal. 3/30/2001
Merck Vows AIDS Help for Brazilians. Wall Street Journal. 3/29/2001
AIDS Crippling Parts of Africa. United Press International. 3/29/2001
Global AIDS Alliance Launched. Reuters Health Information Services. 3/29/2001
Cuban Cooperation With South Africa Could Include Patent-Busting AIDS Drugs. Agence France Presse. 3/28/2001
South Africa in Conditional Acceptance of Cut Price AIDS Drugs. Agence France Presse. 3/27/2001
South Africa: AIDS Drugs. New York Times. 3/27/2001
Vietnam Reports Explosion of HIV Infection Among Prostitutes. Agence France Presse. 3/26/2001
How to Distribute AIDS Drugs. New York Times. 3/26/2001
Caribbean AIDS Coalition Formed. Infectious Diseases in Children. 3/26/2001
AIDS Drug Pricing Controversy Opens Door to Wider Debate. Los Angeles Times. 3/25/2001
Congress Looks to Step Up Fight Against AIDS and Other Diseases Overseas. Wall Street Journal. 3/23/2001
AIDS Panic in China Leads to Draconian Measures. Wall Street Journal. 3/23/2001
Thailand: More Patients Progress to Full-Blown Disease. Bangkok Post. 3/22/2001
South Africa AIDS Figures Highest in the World--U.N.. Reuters. 3/22/2001
South Africa's HIV Rate Climbs. Washington Post. 3/21/2001
One in Nine South Africans Living With HIV. KAISER DAILY HIV/AIDS REPORT. 3/21/2001
AIDS Claims 300 Zambians Daily. Africa News Service. 3/21/2001
IMF, World Bank Talks Seen Focusing on AIDS, Poverty. Reuters. 3/21/2001
South Africa: Suit on AIDS Drugs. New York Times. 3/20/2001
AIDS Activists Slam South African Government's Test Kit Decision. Australian Broadcasting Corp. News. 3/20/2001
Indian Government, Global Group to Develop AIDS Vaccine. Reuters. 3/19/2001
Fertility Technique May Prevent HIV in Newborns. Reuters Health Information Services. 3/19/2001
Global Groups Seek AIDS Drugs for Poor Patients. Washington Times. 3/19/2001
South Africa Rejects One Million Free AIDS Tests. Reuters. 3/18/2001
Africa Hails Cuts in HIV Drug Prices. Washington Times. 3/16/2001
Maker Yielding Patent in Africa for AIDS Drug. New York Times. 3/15/2001
South Africa Resists Call for AIDS Emergency. Washington Post. 3/15/2001
A New AIDS Strategy. Atlanta Journal and Constitution. 3/15/2001
Brazil to Launch AIDS Vaccine Human Trials in April. Reuters. 3/14/2001
Mogae Warns Botswana Faces Extinction From AIDS. Reuters. 3/14/2001
VaxGen to Present Perspective on AIDS Vaccine Development. VaxGen Press Release. 3/14/2001
South Africa Will Not Declare AIDS Emergency. Philadelphia Inquirer. 3/14/2001
G-7 Plan Is Afoot for AIDS-Drug Assistance. Wall Street Journal. 3/13/2001
Merck's Price Cuts Benefit Romania. Washington Times. 3/13/2001
Live-Virus AIDS Vaccine Presents Trade-Off. USA Today. 3/13/2001
Personality Has Effect on AIDS. USA Today. 3/13/2001
South Africa May Cite Crisis to Lower Cost of AIDS Drugs. New York Times. 3/12/2001
Africa: Ivory Coast Makes Deal for Cheaper HIV Drugs. Atlanta Journal and Constitution. 3/11/2001
Russians Admit to 300,000 HIV Cases. Washington Times. 3/11/2001
AIDS Vaccine's Promise. Washington Post. 3/9/2001
AIDS: The Drugs Won't Be Enough. Washington Post. 3/9/2001
In AIDS-Ravaged Africa, Senegal Is a Beacon of Hope. Los Angeles Times. 3/9/2001
HIV Drug Prices Cut for Poorer Countries. Washington Post. 3/8/2001
AIDS Drug Battle Deepens in Africa. New York Times. 3/8/2001
Botswana Diamond Firm to Help Workers With HIV-AIDS. Reuters. 3/7/2001
AIDS Activists Win Skirmish in South Africa. Wall Street Journal. 3/7/2001
Poverty, Prejudice Hinder India's AIDS Fight. Washington Post. 3/7/2001
Kenya: Tests for An AIDS Vaccine. New York Times. 3/7/2001
Trial in AIDS Drug Lawsuit Opens in Pretoria. New York Times. 3/6/2001
NIH Enlists Bioqual to Study AIDS. Washington Post. 3/6/2001
Researchers Hope AIDS Treatment Will Be a Breakthrough. Australian Broadcasting Corp. News. 3/6/2001
Bill Would Address HIV/AIDS Overseas. Reuters Health Information Services. 3/6/2001
Counseling Weakens HIV, Study Finds. Miami Herald. 3/5/2001
As AIDS Spreads in Haiti, So Does Sexual Education. Palm Beach Post. 3/4/2001
World Bank to Grant Russia $500 Million in 2001. Agence France Presse. 3/3/2001
U.N.'s Annan Starts AIDS Drug Campaign. Wall Street Journal. 3/2/2001
Teenage AIDS Rate in South Africa Easing--Official. Reuters. 3/2/2001
Blood Safety Initiative Launched in Americas. Reuters Health Information Services. 3/1/2001
HIVMA Develops Qualifications for HIV Specialists. Reuters Health Information Services. 3/1/2001
Interneuron Says Gel to Be Tested Against HIV. Reuters. 2/28/2001
Netherlands Donates $780,000 to Mandela's Children's Fund. Agence France Presse. 2/28/2001
Papua New Guinea Faces Serious AIDS Epidemic Says UN. Australian Associated Press. 2/27/2001
In India and Africa, Women's Low Status Worsens Their Risk of AIDS. New York Times. 2/26/2001
GlaxoSmithKline AIDS Drugs Show Promise. Wall Street Journal. 2/23/2001
Merck Starts Human Trials of AIDS Vaccine. Wall Street Journal. 2/22/2001
Manhattan: Money Sought to Fight AIDS. New York Times. 2/22/2001
Bush to Keep Intact Clinton AIDS Policy Despite Criticism by Some Drug Firms. Wall Street Journal. 2/21/2001
Annan Urges More Spending to Stem AIDS. Washington Post. 2/21/2001
Brazil's Unconventional AIDS Fight. Wall Street Journal. 2/21/2001
California's Maxygen to Work on AIDS Vaccine. Reuters. 2/20/2001
Across the USA: Minnesota. USA Today. 2/20/2001
Money's Not the Only Problem; Fears and Leadership Flaws Hinder the Search for AIDS Vaccine. Washington Post. 2/20/2001
Spread of AIDS. Bergen Record. 2/20/2001
Wars, AIDS Crisis Devastate Continent. Boston Globe. 2/20/2001
Across the USA: Massachusetts. USA Today. 2/15/2001
World Bank Warns of AIDS Increase in Cameroon. Reuters. 2/15/2001
Nigeria Orders Tests on Local Cure for HIV Virus. Reuters. 2/15/2001
Caribbean Faces AIDS Threat. Orlando Sentinel. 2/14/2001
AIDS Researcher Discusses Developments. Louisville Courier-Journal. 2/14/2001
World Bank Grants $473 Million Loan to Ethiopia. Reuters. 2/14/2001
High HIV Rates for Boston Women. United Press International. 2/14/2001
San Francisco Officials Report Increase in STDs. San Jose Mercury News. 2/14/2001
Oxfam Joins Campaign to Cut Drug Prices for Poor Nations. New York Times. 2/13/2001
New AIDS Cases Off 5 Percent Last Year in New Jersey. Philadelphia Inquirer. 2/13/2001
Federal AIDS Treatment Money Will Go for HIV Prevention. Reuters Health Information Services. 2/12/2001
UN Agency Hails Tanzania for Speedy Action on AIDS. Africa News Service. 2/12/2001
Patents: Two Efforts to Prevent Disease. New York Times. 2/12/2001
Secrecy and Stigma Keep AIDS Risk High for Gay Black Men. New York Times. 2/11/2001
Thousands Petition to Have AIDS-Awareness Classes in Schools. Agence France Presse. 2/11/2001
Protein in Placentas Said to Block AIDS. Calgary Herald. 2/10/2001
Study Shows Binding to Variety of HIV Subtypes; Experimental Adjuvant Boosts Immune Response. Source: VaxGen, Inc. 2/9/2001
Chances of HIV Infection. Washington Post. 2/9/2001
Drugs Cut US Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission. Reuters Health Information Services. 2/8/2001
CDC Aims to Cut New AIDS Infections in Half by Shifting Prevention Strategy. Boston Globe. 2/7/2001
Detroit Promotes Safe Sex Week; High Levels of Disease Concerns Officials. Detroit News. 2/7/2001
UN Urges Malawi to Mount Vigorous War Against AIDS. Reuters. 2/7/2001
Study in 6 Cities Finds HIV in 30 Percent of Young Black Gays. New York Times. 2/6/2001
New HIV Strain Appears in Korea. Agence France Presse. 2/5/2001
New Ideas Sought to Help AIDS Orphans. New York Times. 2/5/2001
AIDS a 'National Security Problem,' Powell Says. Reuters. 2/4/2001
Scientists Grope for Small Gains at AIDS Meetings. Reuters. 2/4/2001
Brazil to Hand Out 20 Million Condoms at Carnival. Reuters. 2/2/2001
South Africa Relents on Maternal HIV Care. Washington Post. 2/1/2001
Ethiopia: Wife Inheritance Said Spreading HIV/AIDS. Africa News Service. 2/1/2001
U.S. AIDS Panel Tackles Third World Research Ethics. Reuters Health Information Services. 1/31/2001
Clinic: Methods of Removing HIV from Sperm Inadequate. Daily Yomiuri. 1/30/2001
Gates gives $100 million for AIDS. The Seattle Times. 1/29/2001
Ominous HIV Setback. Los Angeles Times. 1/29/2001
Kenya Approves AIDS Vaccine Human Trials. Australian Broadcasting Corporation Online. 1/29/2001
VaxGen Awarded NIH Grant for Subtype C HIV Vaccine Development. Source: VaxGen, Inc. 1/29/2001
Manhattan: New AIDS Study. New York Times. 1/25/2001
HIV Levels in United Kingdom Highest Ever. United Press International. 1/25/2001
'Rebound Epidemic' Feared as HIV Rate Jumps in San Francisco. San Francisco Chronicle Online. 1/24/2001
Bill Urges HIV Tests for All Moms [in Indiana]. Indianapolis Star. 1/23/2001
Pediatricians Urged to Offer HIV Testing to Adolescents. Reuters Health Information Services. 1/22/2001
Africa at Large: Church Leaders Discuss How to Contain AIDS Crisis. Africa News Service. 1/22/2001
Argentina Sets Effort to Curb Spread of AIDS. Washington Post. 1/21/2001
U.N. Council Addresses HIV/AIDS in Its Focus. New York Times. 1/20/2001
Donor Asks College to Return AIDS Money. New York Times. 1/19/2001
Drug Treatment Can Reduce Chances of HIV Babies. Reuters. 1/18/2001
Cases Settled Against Two AIDS Test Makers. USA Today. 1/17/2001
Vaccine to Fight AIDS in Nigeria. United Press International. 1/17/2001
Drug Simplifies Living With HIV. BBC News. 1/16/2001
Chinese City is First to Enact Controversial Law on AIDS. Washington Post. 1/15/2001
Molecule Able to Block HIV's Entrance Into a Cell Is Found by an MIT Scientist. Wall Street Journal. 1/12/2001
New Taboos: To Help Fight AIDS, Tanzanian Villages Ban Risky Traditions. Wall Street Journal. 1/12/2001
Donors Query Zambia After AIDS Campaign Pulled. Reuters. 1/12/2001
Estonian HIV Infection Rate Soars 43-fold in 2000. Agence France Presse. 1/11/2001
The High Cost of Selling Blood. Washington Post. 1/11/2001
In America: The Quiet Scourge. New York Times. 1/11/2001
South Africa Stops AIDS Plan Over Fear of Attacks. Reuters. 1/11/2001
Zambia Axes Safe Sex Ads. BBC News Online. 1/11/2001
Kaunda to Set Up Radio Stations to Fight HIV/AIDS. Agence France Press. 1/10/2001
Genzyme Molecular Starts AIDS Research Effort. Reuters. 1/10/2001
Denmark to Unveil New Plan in Fight Against AIDS in Africa. Agence France Presse. 1/9/2001
The AIDS Toll on South Africa's Colleges. Boston Globe. 1/9/2001
Half of Russian Population Could Have HIV in 10 Years: Top Official. Agence France Presse. 1/9/2001
Bristol-Myers Warns of AIDS Drugs' Use. Wall Street Journal. 1/8/2001
U.S. Pediatricians Ask Media to Tone Down Sex. Reuters. 1/8/2001
Nevirapine Not Recommended for HIV Prevention After Needle Sticks. MMWR Weekly Report. 1/5/2001
Virginity Pledges by Teenagers Can Be Highly Effective, Federal Study Finds. New York Times. 1/4/2001
India's AIDS Explosion. Washington Post. 1/4/2001
AIDS a Bigger Threat in Countryside - FAO. Reuters. 1/4/2001
EU Approves GlaxoSmithKline's HIV Triple Therapy Trizivir. Reuters Health Information Services. 1/4/2001
Eritrea: Helping Eritrea Fight HIV/AIDS, Malaria, STDs and TB. Africa News Service. 1/2/2001
Most Pregnant US Women Lack Knowledge About HIV. Reuters Health Information Services. 1/1/2001
Tanzania's Mkapa Urges Change of Behavior to Stem Spread of AIDS. Agence France Presse. 1/1/2001
A Turning Point That Left Millions Behind. Washington Post. 12/28/2000
Sex Education With Just One Lesson: No Sex. New York Times. 12/28/2000
HIV on the Rise, UN Says Sex, Drugs Blamed. Toronto Sun. 12/28/2000
HIV-Related Oral Lesions Are Less Common With Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy. Reuters Health Information Services. 12/28/2000
Most HIV-Positive Thai Women Infected by Husband. Reuters Health Information Services. 12/28/2000
Vaccine Centers Unite Specialists in the Battle Against Infectious Diseases. Nature. 12/27/2000
Intensive Effort Helps Contain Thai HIV Spread. Reuters Health Information Services. 12/26/2000
Most Untreated African HIV Children Will Die by Age 3. Reuters Health Information Services. 12/26/2000
Bangladesh to Launch $52 Million Anti-AIDS Project. Agence France Presse. 12/23/2000
Kenya: Anti-Aids Campaign Now Focuses on Men. Africa News Service. 12/21/2000
New Turner U.N. Grants Target AIDS, Energy Needs. Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 12/21/2000
Trials of Kenya AIDS Vaccine to Start Next Year. Reuters. 12/21/2000
African AIDS vaccine tests delayed pending government approval. San Francisco Chronicle. 12/20/2000
Ventura County News: Supervisors OK Needle Exchange Program. Los Angeles Times. 12/20/2000
AIDS Afflicts the Elderly. United Press International. 12/20/2000
In Brief: Bioqual. Washington Post. 12/20/2000
Child Prostitution and the Spread of AIDS. The Lancet. 12/20/2000
UN Report Calls for Commitment to Fight Epidemics. Reuters. 12/19/2000
Gays 'Rebelling Against Safe Sex Message'. PA News. 12/19/2000
Embattled Law Puts Syringes on Shelves. Albany Times-Union Online. 12/19/2000
Clinical Trials of First AIDS Vaccine to Begin in Kenya. Agence France Presse. 12/19/2000
Brazil Tackles HIV Head-On by Providing Free Medicine. Houston Chronicle. 12/17/2000
Natural Protein May Defend From HIV, Study Finds. Reuters. 12/15/2000
Influenza Vaccination Does Not Accelerate HIV Infection. Reuters Health Information Services. 12/15/2000
UNICEF Works to Solve Africa Dilemma. The Wall Street Journal. 12/14/2000
$4.9 Million From Gates Foundation for Blood Safety in the Americas. Agence France Presse. 12/14/2000
World Bank Approves $40 Million for Anti-AIDS Scheme in Bangladesh. Agence France Presse. 12/14/2000
UNICEF: 1.3 Million Children Live With HIV/AIDS. Reuters Health Information Services. 12/14/2000
Talk of the Birds, Bees and STDs May Curb Risky Sex. Reuters Health Information Services. 12/14/2000
UN: Fate of Romanian Orphan Children Has Improved. Reuters. 12/13/2000
Namibian Minister Worried by Impact of AIDS on Education. Africa News Service. 12/13/2000
World Bank Approves $50 Million Anti-AIDS Credit for Kenya. Agence France Presse. 12/13/2000
Merck Confidence in AIDS Vaccine Encourages Advocacy Groups. Reuters. 12/12/2000
Albright, in Botswana, Announces U.S. Help to Fight AIDS. New York Times. 12/12/2000
Extremely High HIV Risk Found Among Refugees in Burma, Thailand. Reuters Health Information Services. 12/11/2000
Uganda: HIV/AIDS War Gets Boost. Africa News Service. 12/9/2000
Assertive Girls More Likely to Insist on Condoms. Reuters Health Information Services. 12/8/2000
Countries Pledge to Reduce Youth HIV Infection Rate by 25 Percent. Kyodo News Service. 12/8/2000
Health Community Moves to Protect Fiscal 2001 Funding. Reuters Health Information Services. 12/8/2000
HIV Pretest and Posttest Counseling: Still Missing From Medical School Curriculum. Archives of Internal Medicine Online. 11/27/2000
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